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Left bank scenic spot close to the han ChangAnCheng sites, adjacent to the right bank north bicyclic, ZhuHongLu, from the daxing road to FengCheng three road 6.27 kilometers there will be a total of seal ChanMen square, peace bridge, warrior bridge, zte pavilion, worship wei bridge, three jie square, gates square seven inward and outward.

Seoul lake entrance corresponding bus stops site position way bus lines

Seal ChanMen square entrance Seoul lake seal ChanMen entrance south 50 m 900, 235, 717, 714 road

Peace bridge entrance guo home village north entrance 50 m 900, 235, 50, 207, 221, 33, 717, 708, 714 road

Warrior bridge entrance FuDi QiMao entrance south 200 meters ring 1, ring 2, 211, 1, 901 road

Zte pavilion entrance ZhuHong electromechanical market entry the east 50 m ring 1, ring 2, 211, 1, 901 road

Su wei bridge entrance big alamo entrance south 50 m ring 1, ring 2, 211, 1, 901 road

Three jie square entrance LiXia fosse village north entrance 50 m ring 1, ring 2, 211, 1, 901 road

Gates square entrance fo hui road entrance south 500 meters ring 1, ring 2, 211, 1, 902 road

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