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Seoul lake water mill square one of the beautiful scenery
Posted:2012-09-14 | Browse: 1478 【Close

Waterproof square, covers an area of 10000 square meters, the han dynasty wooden waterproof 1 seat, small water wheel and seat and 30 stone mill show landscape.

Han dynasty in Chinese history is the development of science and technology is very brilliant a period. CAI lun paper, zhang heng's passenger wind seismograph, fall Hong "the beginning calendar", ZhangZhongJing "typhoid fever miscellaneous disease theory" and the early eastern han dynasty of the nine chapters arithmetic "notting have is not representative of the han dynasty the development of science and technology.

Water conservancy mill is also the period of important inventions. Water conservancy mill is the use of windlass or water turbine to drive machinery to produce cotton-padded jacket, wood, or textiles and other products, also can be used for metal forming. The invention of the waterproof and use, make mechanical production level increased significantly.


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