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Fengshan world
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Fengshan world  
FengChan world
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In ancient times, people to the nature of the various phenomena can not accurately, so produce original worship, especially in the state of fear, to the sun, the moon and the mountains and rivers, wind and rain lightning is the fear of my life, so "worship against" also arises at the historic moment. FengChan, first appeared in the pipe, FengChan article "too history Mr After in the book, FengChan book cites the pipe, FengChan article of the content, and the interpretation of this to, and points out that the FengChan purpose, the effect that, in the top mount tai built round the altar in the day's work, at the foot of mount tai in the hillock above the altar build party in the way of the work. The so-called "seal" is "worship", "zen" is "offering"; The ancient emperors in the halcyon days or heaven auspicious of offering sacrifices to the heaven and the large ceremony. 26 century BC, emperor of the construction MingTang sacrificial to god, open the Chinese ancient ritual building first. Later, the ruler of Chinese past dynasties almost all built a dedicated to sacrifice HuangTianHouTu altars.
FengChan world scenic area of the main landscape are: landmark four even HanJue, and went up on the mountain if water JingShi, eight water around the changan to carving, the HanWu statue, music fountain and Seoul lake exhibition hall.

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