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Not ended area safe production ZiXunRi activities held in Seoul lake
Source:Xi'an Hancheng Lake National Water Conservancy Scenic Area | Posted:2012-09-14 | Browse: 1749 【Close

Recently, not ended area 2012 safety production promotion, ZiXunRi activities held in Seoul lake, city safety supervision bureau, not ended area main leadership to attend activities, a total of more than 400 people attended the event.
At 9 PM, ZiXunRi propaganda activities began on time. In the activity at the site, display the production safety, traffic, fire control, power supply, health, gas, etc and jurisdiction of the staff and workers of the enterprise production, closely related to the life safety laws and regulations knowledge and common sense exhibition board nearly 30 pieces, to extend the masses of all kinds of safety sense small folding, production safety posters, safety laws and regulations book form and other kinds of promotional material. Publicity and consultation activities, improve the broad masses' production safety consciousness, has received the good social effect.


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