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Eight square tourists a Seoul lake
Source:Xi'an Hancheng Lake National Water Conservancy Scenic Area | Posted:2012-09-14 | Browse: 1992 【Close

Enter "51" small long vacation, the next day, the number of visitors has increased dramatically, the tourist attraction, be permeated with the happy festival atmosphere. Scenic area is thronged with visitors or listening to guide into the garden tour matters, or on the photo as a souvenir, login micro bo, share their feelings.

At around ten o 'clock, "KaiBi seemed to disabled Chinese wind" - the children read enlightenment ritual in the dam before the curtain platform, forty students in order arrangement in the platform, the host drum wise, for schoolchildren in the middle of the forehead point red birthmark, meaning the child from now on eye MingXinMing, good read, read good books. Then the host lead children hand in the air stroke "person" word, I hope the children in life's enlightenment stage how to learn to conduct oneself, know to be first to get on in sport, like the "person" the word is that of indomitable spirit. Participating in the activity were also collective read di zi GUI. Finally, the host called on site all participants and tourists waving the red flag together, through one thousand years of love sublimates for the national big love.

Yesterday scenic spots received a total of 77000 visitors in the vast tourists ordered in the garden, light in the garden, safety in the garden behind, is the company all staff's hard work: security, cleaning personnel uninterrupted patrol, cleaning, storage battery, yacht driver full load operation, ticketing, financial personnel patient and meticulous service, etc. These high quality services for tourists satisfied smile and yesterday's zero complaint.

At the same time city row center all cadres and workers, connecting the place all cadres and workers to give up holiday rest, serious stick to their jobs, deep into the line for tourist service, maintain order, positive for tourists queries, for tourists in Seoul lake have a happy and peaceful "small long vacation" made outstanding contributions.




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