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Seoul lake about wedding studio into garden photography announcement
Source:Xi'an Hancheng Lake National Water Conservancy Scenic Area | Posted:2012-09-14 | Browse: 1774 【Close

Recently because of wedding studio staff into scenic spot, for commercial landscape, the shooting process stamp on the lawn, destroys the landscape facilities, which seriously affects the normal order of the tourists in the garden. In order to protect the landscape, and to create a good environment in the garden, with Seoul lake industrial co., LTD. Integrated scenic spot practice, the public announcement related matters are as follows:

1. Tourists can enter the scenic area for non-commercial shooting, and during filming please comply with the scenic area management regulations, take good care of the vegetation and facilities, and work together to create a good order in the garden.

2. Now on wedding studio personal photo and commercial photography behavior should be into the garden landscape, please go to the company development through the related formalities, clear matters needing attention, regulating the framing behavior, did not deal with the formalities ban into the garden landscape.

Hotline: 029-86119717

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