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Source:Xi'an Hancheng Lake National Water Conservancy Scenic Area | Posted:2012-09-14 | Browse: 1738 【Close

Seoul lake by seven functional partition composition, respectively is: FengChan world, the city excessive, han bridge water town, turret of green jade, the scene overlap angles, time evening and gates heyday.

Lake music fountain

The lake is located in the west of music fountain ZhuHongLu FengChan world scenic spot, the length of 100 meters, the main fountain height reach 60 meters. Nozzle don't normally have on the surface of the lake, which, when activated, water spouted out from the lake, very spectacular. Fountain duration 30 minutes, is divided into three chapters, in computer control to display a variety of water curtain modelling.

"Chinese wind shui yun" music fountain FengChan performances in the area, and every night at 8:30 start, 20 minutes long.

Day han Wells relief

Day han Wells relief is located in the turret of green jade scenic spot, for as long as 200 meters, is the largest relief xian. Through the overning of the article scenery, ZhangQian mission, BanChao AnBian, zhaojun plug, SuWu shepherd, MoBei wars and a series of well-known literary quotation, show in 400 han politics, economy, culture, science and technology in bright achievement.

Qinling miniature live-action

Tourists on the lake, to be able to enjoy a qinling mountains and rivers miniature imaging. The landscape back live at the mercy of the han Wells relief, the use of rockery, the waterfall, the simulation vegetation and so on, to build a picture of the qinling mountains and rivers diagram, huashan, cui huashan, fo valley mouth, waterlogging valley mouth, floor guangtai, nine longtan famous landscape set at a suit.

The eight bridge show appearance

6.27 kilometers of water, a total of new or adornment bridge 8 seat. 8 bridge style each different, beautiful shape, including attaching importance to the bridge, worship wei bridge are triple hole arch bridge, the modelling of primitive simplicity; Lanshi bridge back for single span arch bridge, if changhong lie wave. Rainbow Ming bridge, jade ting bridge bridge uplift, such as water and a half months.

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