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The 2012 world liu clan ancestor worship ceremony held in Seoul lake
Source:Xi'an Hancheng Lake National Water Conservancy Scenic Area | Posted:2012-09-14 | Browse: 1891 【Close

Roots of the far way, wei huaxia feeling. Ancestral worship is the traditional virtue of the Chinese. April 21, 2012, "liu of the world to construct an ancestor worship ceremony" FengChan lake in Seoul plaza. From Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, guangdong, shanxi, henan, jiangsu, shandong and other overseas liu clan representatives of more than one hundred people gathered in Seoul lake, they took eighty million children liu's great trust, with pious mood, from a great distance regression ZuDe, participate in the world liu clan ancestor worship ceremony.

9:30am, the world liu fellowship always permanent honorary President LiuNaHui and Mrs Liu ChenHuiYu lady in the liu cases accompanied by long arrived in Seoul lake.

Then a line of people from four even HanJue set out, all the way along slowly, thin enjoy the scenic spot in large QinZhuanHanWa, pavilions, appreciate the great vigour, contracted plain han wind construction, from time to time, stop watch, and in good if water before JingShi photo as a souvenir.

10, solemn ancestor worship ceremony begins, dressed in the XuanDuan, head DaiLiang coronary master of ceremonies officer announced that world liu to construct an ancestor worship ceremony began. His ministers, master of ceremonies were dressed in song fringing deep clothing, long crown side in both sides, according to conform to the han dynasty sacrifice "propriety" system started toilet, flowers, reading wish, burnt meteor, that day, the offering ceremony, etc. All the cases of long, liu clan rise, like three bows to the emperor. LiuNaHui President to emperor laid like flower basket, all the liu clan in order to like emperor laid a flower basket; After the ceremony, all the liu clan in FengChan square photo as a souvenir and respectively by sightseeing car, cruise visited Seoul lake, LiuNaHui President says Seoul lake scenery is very beautiful, atmosphere.

After the tour, the municipal water authority, not ended area related departments, the company's leaders and delegates and LiuNaHui and so on various liu Pope long in connecting the conference convened in the "2012 world han culture exchanges and cooperation and development BBS" symposium. City municipal bureau chief YangLi to participate in discussion of the clan liu said on behalf of a warm welcome, and han culture exchanges and cooperation and development Suggestions.

I YueYiFeng, chairman of the company, to the delegates detailed introduces the Seoul lake change history, the engineering construction, the future development, etc, and the company's new project promotion, the hope can and the world liu fellowship will reach the cooperation. The world association liu to municipal party committee and the city government's decision and the city municipal bureau of work said respect, they was very optimistic about the development of Seoul lake, and is willing to further understand cooperative projects, and strive in the han culture to carry forward and development and company to reach cooperation and common will of the construction of the Seoul lake more beautiful.





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