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The gate is han changan east wall's southernmost a door, door for changle palace, the city because of the excessive gates and planning. Its main attractions by water restaurant (elm garden), peace bridge, water wheel square, the wall of display. [View Details]

"Good if water" language out "Lao zi" : "the good if water, water and the good things there." Mean, highest good deeds is like water character, ze be all there and fame and wealth [View Details]

Seoul lake reappear the big fellow legend walk to busy strong as the theme of the FengChan the world area, FengChan table, the han dynasty territory to carving display [View Details]

In ancient times, people to the nature of the various phenomena can not accurately, so produce original worship, especially in the state of fear, to the sun, the moon and the mountains and rivers, wind and rain lightning is the fear of my life, so "worship against" also... [View Details]

The Seoul lake 6 km, has been successfully storage to 388 m. Underwater 100000 tail grass carp, silver carp and crucian carp, is a good place for leisure. But so beautiful Seoul lake has an unhappy history, mention it in the past, live in nearby villagers stood shook hi... [View Details]
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