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Western Han culture  
Introduction to the western han dynasty
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Qin dynasty perish, and followed up is a powerful dynasty, this is the western han dynasty dynasty.

The western han dynasty is the fifth unified dynasty

The western han dynasty is the qin after a strong unified feudal dynasty. After the establishment of the western han dynasty, in many system carries on the qin system, and implemented the policy of the political, social and economic steady development, agriculture, handicraft industry and commercial field has achieved obvious progress, known as "the rehabilitate, appeared overning of the article scenery of flourishing scene.

In the middle of the western han dynasty, in "overning of the article scenery" on the basis of emperor and take further measures to strengthen the central authority, such as the implementation of the "push well make", "China" system, salt iron officer camp and "ouster, hundreds of various philosophical" and so on. In go on a punitive expedition hun at the same time, the western han dynasty government also sent ZhangQian western Settings, expand the foreign contacts, the silk road caused. God ZongXiaoZhao han emperor liu ling put in, many times over the huns, pacify the southwestern armed rebellion, further strengthen the control of the western regions. Hanzhong ZongXiaoXuan emperor liu information (liu disease has) reign, large-scale attack huns, big break, cause huns weak, HouShan records to han bend, and set up the western regions are protecting mansion, the western han dynasty territory north to Siberia, south to day south county, west to the pamirs west, east to Japan in the sea, and become the world's first power, known as "the WuZhaoXuan heyday.

The 36 years, ChenShang chopped kill call, TuWu, mark han austro-hungarian the end of the war. Liu Shi will a man surnamed the king's maid of honor given key HouShan do EShi, and with "zhaojun fill" as the symbol gives the wedding, han central and peripheral national relationship are also continued to grow. The late western han dynasty the social conflicts intensified, and ultimately lead to the western han dynasty perish. WangMang new toward the rear restructuring fails, the new outbreak greenwood, red eyebrow uprising, but it has nothing to do with the western han dynasty.

During the western han period in literature, history, art and science and technology and other areas of brilliant achievements and far-reaching influence.

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