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Han culture    
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Western Han culture
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Western Han culture  

The western han dynasty (202 BC - AD nine years), also called the early han dynasty, and the eastern han dynasty (the eastern han dynasty) are the han dynasty. Is China the ancient qin dynasty after the feudal dynasty united. In 202 BC, feb. 28, said the emperor liu ban... [View Details]

Qin dynasty perish, and followed up is a powerful dynasty, this is the western han dynasty dynasty. The western han dynasty is the fifth unified dynasty The western han dynasty is the qin after a strong unified feudal dynasty. After the establishment of the western han ... [View Details]

In 202 BC On February 28,, are more, namely the emperor Dang county is located in the dingtao county water overflow of the north shore, its capital luoyang. March, south river JunShou so reigned for light xiang yu Julian han, han emperor make han TaiWei changan hou Lou ... [View Details]

hangao emperor(liu bang) hanhui emperor(liuying) gao emperss(lvzhi) hanwei emperor(liuheng)hanjing emperor(liuqi)hanwu emperor(liuche)hanzhao emperor(liu fuling)hanxun emperor(liuxun)hanyuan emperor(liushi)hancheng emperor(liu ao)hanai emperor(liuxin)hanping emperor(liu... [View Details]
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