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Western Han culture  
The western han dynasty
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The western han dynasty (202 BC - AD nine years), also called the early han dynasty, and the eastern han dynasty (the eastern han dynasty) are the han dynasty. Is China the ancient qin dynasty after the feudal dynasty united. In 202 BC, feb. 28, said the emperor liu bang, a pursuit of name of han, the history said that the western han dynasty, liu bang namely han TaiZu high emperor. In 9 January 10, WangMang self-reliance for emperor, change of the dynasty into new, the western han dynasty perish. The western han dynasty there were fourteen emperor, after 211 years. The development of Chinese culture is a peak, social economy, culture all-round development, foreign relations of the increasingly frequent, become the world's most powerful one of the countries. The western han dynasty Kyoto changan (now xian city in China's shaanxi province northwest). Catacombs in guanzhong, cultural relic is very rich, show "han and the world", colorful age style.

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