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Gates is han changan city walls three doors, one for the west xian door to the east door cladding, Ann gate area of the main scenic spots, by the gates visitors center, the academician courtyard, tea ShangRu bridge, repair,, wooden footway, double deficiency and wharf c... [View Details]

Time with bay area broad water, water and winding, ShuiTianYiSe, scenery, from the lake lake abrupt out, which show the difference in lake view, and for wild birds provides easy and comfortable living land. Planning and construction of the three jie square is Seoul lake... [View Details]

The scene overlap angles in the han ChangAnCheng overlying the angles and the door in the site, so named "the scene overlap angles". Planning of the fight against the huns emperor QunDiao, huo qu bing, immediately seal hou, make you seems to hear the HanWu heroism cry: ... [View Details]

Turret of green jade area, Seoul lake landmark building -- zhongxing pavilion is located in among them, the square area of 28000 square meters. Mainly contains day han Wells giant relief, qinling mountains and rivers small shrink landscape and the gods table, and other ... [View Details]

Planning han bridge water town, let you can see the north water town of ancient building group, shops with the manual workshop, and folk artisan town of peddling scene. "One day light ray fell all silk, ji light floating tile brigitte fluctuating. Love peony contain spr... [View Details]
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